Modifying how Ignition components display in client windows

I was surprised that I could not find the info on the forums, videos, KB, nor online manual. I am curious on how best to modify how Ignition components display in client windows.

I can select the components and drag them down to 800x600 which helps blow them up in the client. I still have dead space on the left. Any thoughts at all on how to manage how it displays in the client?

I am about 55% on the Inductive University training and still relative newbie on creating projects. I am more of an electrical guy than a computer guy. Any help welcome.

Here is a link to the documentation for the Relative and Anchored layout styles. there are also links to the relevant video training here.

Iā€™m still getting used to the differences, but typically I get my window set to whatever aspect ratio the majority of the monitors will use then adjust these settings as needed to make them adjust as the screen size changes.

Hopefully this helps.

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