Modifying PMIComboxBox DataSetComboBoxModel clears selected item

I’m using my code in this post to make changes to the drop down menu component’s DataSetComboBoxModel and NewPMIComboBoxRenderer classes, however it’s always had the issue where the component will show <Select One> when the DataSetComboBoxModel is replaced. I can work around this by getting the selected item prior to replacing the model, then after replacing it, writing it back to it, but I wonder how I can do this within the class itself?

The section of interest is this:

class NewPMIComboBoxModel(DataSetComboBoxModel):
	def __init__(self, target):
		DataSetComboBoxModel.__init__(self, target, = target

As soon as I run the below, the drop down selection will be lost and <Select One> will display:

RC = system.gui.getParentWindow(event).rootContainer
PMIComboBox = RC.getComponent("Dropdown")

How can I maintain the selection?

In your subclass of DataSetComboBoxModel, call self.setSelectedItem() within your __init__() method, so that it is already “selected” when the model object replacement takes effect.

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Hmm, I thought I’d tried this already but I have it working now. Actually I was calling instead.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Strangely though, when I run print self.getSelectedItem(), it still returns <Select One>, but the component itself shows the actual selected item… print target.getSelectedItem() alternatively shows the actual selected item.

Running either self.setSelectedItem(self.getSelectedItem()) or self.setSelectedItem(target.getSelectedItem()) both ensure the item is selected.

Good timing. Time for me to crash. (:

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FWIW, I would use:

            self.selectedItem = target.model.selectedItem

I always use netbeans syntax for readability, and I tend to be paranoid about unexpected failures.

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Noted and good point RE try/except. Thanks again!

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