Modifying SQL tag properties stored in a DBprovider

I done a bad thing and lost my Advance Course example project I was working with while at Folsom.

What I am doing is setting a template project that has generic tags defined as Alerts. The plan is to update these tags using SQL queries. I can remember from the course how to access the sqlt_as table and find the alert name for the tag i wish to modify. What I can remember is which timestamp i need to UPDATE via an SQL now() so that the tag change occurs without having to reboot the gateway.

It is:UPDATE sqlt_core SET configchange = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id = ?Replace the ? with the tag id.

That 's the one!

Thanks Travis. I had my course backup gateway project stored on my Samsung phone, and when I transferred it to my laptop I performed a move instead of a copy.

Then a late night last week on a jobsite switching back and forth between gateway backups, i forgot to archive course gateway.

WelL, I was doing that and cannot get the alert name to change unless I toggle the Gateway Service Off/On.

Below Pic is after reboot.
Pic below that is alert name after changing time_stamp of configchange
Pic below that confirm timestamp change of tag @ id 2
Bottom pic is new alert name for tag
using V7.4 RC2

Do the tags get values after you cause them to reload? Is it possible that the driver name isn’t set correctly, and they’re not actually getting driven by Ignition? Check the “drivername” column, is it set to the same value as that set on the driving provider’s settings? (The default is “ignition”).



When I use V7.3.X, tags update when configchange’s timestamp changes. When I use V7.4 RC2 , i need to toggle the Ignition Gateway Off/On to get tag updates to stick eventhough sqlt_core and sqlt_as have updated.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.


Finally got around to looking at this. I found some problems with creating & deleting tags in the external provider, but didn’t have a problem modifying properties directly against the db. It could be that we fixed something, or more likely, that my test case isn’t quite like yours, and is missing something.

Maybe we can arrange a time to get on GoToMeeting so I can look at it, or maybe you could send me a export of your sqlt_core, sqlt_meta, and sqlt_as tables? You can email them to support or post here.


Perhaps next week then.
Currently I am at the out of town job site where I posted about Mission Critical Master Backup Versions in the forum.