Modifying Users Across Central and Remote Gateways

I need assistance with modifying users in a setup that includes a central cloud gateway and remote gateways. My goal is to create a script on the central gateway that can add, delete, or edit users on all the remote gateways' Internal User Source simultaneously.

During my research, I came across the system.util.sendMessage function, which seems promising for this task. However, I'm unsure about the setup process and how to effectively use this function in my network configuration.

Any insights or code examples would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Any help would be appreciated!

Well, you've found the answer. (Though I'd use the companion system.util.sendRequest() for most cases.) You just have to write the code to execute your desires. :man_shrugging:

Centralized access control sounds a lot like a DB user source, instead of an 'internal' one. If network failovers are deemed to make that unacceptable...what's your plan for synchronization of internal user sources after network outages? No free lunch here.

Well, there is a cloud db user source. But the internal default user source acts as a fallback incase the remote gateway cannot reach the cloud db. They do not need to be synchronized.