Modular Application Features

Hi Folks,
I am wanting to create a "modular" application.

This application will have many features. A feature would "unlock": script, new navigation options, new windows, new functions, possibly new UDTs, new roles, etc..
Now I am not familiar with creating custom modules for ignition but have seen the SDK.
I am not sure how to approach this concept.

I was thinking as a preliminary approach is to have a master configuration screen which you "checkmark"/"turn on a feature" which would enable script, add roles, enable navigation buttons associated with this role and possibly add more screen features.

Secondly, I was thinking of documenting all the components that make up this feature and add it to a module (not sure if i can include, roles, scripts, windows, navigation, etc.).

The full vision is that customers would be purchasing modules based on their required software functionality needs.

Is my approach wrong, is there a better approach? Looking for feedback to see if anyone else has done something similar.

Not really, no. The SDK is more for infrastructure, like new components for the designer, new expression and script functions, specialty tag providers, and OPC drivers. You could create a module that selective registered such infrastructure based on codes placed in a license. Some of the items you wish to manipulate are reachable in Ignition's internal configuration DB, but the formats are typically opaque outside of IA.

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