Modular design of SFC

I’ve been working my way through the IU videos, and so far they’re great. Thanks.

I’m building a simple project to get familiar with the charts – one that will log in to an ftp site and download a file (and process the data).

It occurred to me that it could be done in a modular way, with a ‘sub-chart’ to connect to an ftp site, and a second ‘sub-chart’ to download a file and process it. There are many sites, and many files per site. I anticipate having an sql server table with ftp site data (SITEID (Parent Key), ip, username, password, etc.) and another table with file information (ID (PK), SITEID (FK), filename, save location, header y/n, footer y/n, stored procedure to call for processing, etc.)

Suppose after logging into one ftp site I have a list (according to my db tables outlined above) of several files that need to be downloaded and processed. It isn’t clear to me how to pass that list (rather than a discrete single value) of filenames etc. to the ‘download and process data’ subchart.

Hope this is clear. Any ideas are welcome. David

Perhaps convert the list of names into a string (for example use the built-in JSON functions) and then convert the string back into a list when needed.

Can you convert your list into a dataset and pass the dataset?