Module creation for Ignition 8

We have a java project where we are creating modules for Ignition 7.9 and it is working perfectly fine. We are going to upgrade the setup and create a new project to create the same module in Ignition 8. Will there be any clash between the versions after upgrading the setups while creating the 7.9 modules because we are using the same IDE. I am sure it will not, but just a confirmation so that we don’t spoil our setup which takes longer to revert back.
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rajiv kumar
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You should use a version control tool like git to create a branch and make any changes necessary to run in Ignition 8 on a separate branch.

I would also recommend setting up another IDE workspace, with your module checked out on the new ‘v8’ branch. There will definitely be clashing changes from v7 to v8, and you will want git or some other VCS to help you cherry-pick feature commits from one branch to the other without disturbing the necessary differences.

Thanks all, I am able to create two modules, 7.9 and 8, after creating 2 separate work spaces and duplicating the project. Going ahead with testing. Will get back to you in case of further issues. Thanks again.

Is module creation for version 8 possible now? As per my earlier queries, this was not supported? Are the maven repositories and archetypes available for version 8 now?

Say what? I created my first modules for v8 back in November. Granted, I didn’t use maven, but that isn’t strictly necessary. This forum has many, many examples and announcements of third party modules for v8.

Yes. Doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an example or archetype that precisely matches your needs, but IA hasn’t promised to do that.

I was referring to the post Build module for Ignition 8.0

Of course not, did I ever say that? Just a skeleton is enough.

Of late, I have been using webDev and Jython pubnub plugin for integrating my modules with Ignition (Integration at an arms length) avoiding having to develop modules for integrating my modules with Ignition , hence I didn’t keep track of these developments recently.

However I do need to develop a simple module to install pubnub jar files in Ignition gateway library for version 7 as well as 8, hence I noticed this post and inquired. Right now I have physically copied these jars in gateway library of Ignition.