Module dev for Ignition Edge

Hey guys,

We are looking into development of a module for the edge platform and haven’t been able to surface any documentation. Could some one please forward examples and docs?


In theory, developing a module for Edge is no different than developing for regular Ignition.

The same documentation and examples apply.

However… Edge has a whitelist of allowed modules, so you can’t actually install your own modules on it.

edit: To clarify things for future readers, licensing custom modules on Edge is not supported and not possible in most circumstances. If you’re developing a module, target the full Ignition platform, not Ignition Edge.

I see, this will be conversion from the regular Ignition to Edge. So how do we go about getting our module on the white list?

I think you have to be an Edge on Board partner (or whatever it’s called?) or work with your sales rep.

Thanks Kevin, will follow up with sales rep.

Kevin’s answer is purely theoretical. In actuality, Edge is not meant to be a modular product in the first place. That’s what regular Ignition is. If you want your own module, you definitely should not be migrating from regular Ignition to Edge.