Module Disables Vision Client

I am attempting to make a module which adds a new component to the designer, but when I try to install it, the designer isn’t able to load the vision module. Here is the code that we are using in our Designer Hook to add the component. Is there something that I am doing wrong? I am making this for 8.1.0-SNAPSHOT.

public void startup(final DesignerContext context, final LicenseState activationState) throws Exception {
        super.startup(context, activationState);
        VisionDesignerInterface sdk = (VisionDesignerInterface)context.getModule("");
        if (sdk != null) {
            Palette palette = sdk.getPalette();
            PaletteItemGroup group = palette.addGroup("{MyGroupName}");
            group.addPaletteItem((PaletteItem)new JavaBeanPaletteItem({MyComponentClass}));

If it helps, I am getting the following in the Designer Console when I load up the Designer.

11:44:14.710 [Designer-Startup] ERROR designer.main - Error starting up module Vision
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common.script.builtin.AbstractNetUtilities: method 'void <init>()' not found
	at com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.script.builtin.ClientNetUtilities.<init>(
	at com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.FPMIApp.<init>(
	at com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.application.FPMIApp.createApp(
	at com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.designer.model.VisionDesignerImpl.createRoot(
	at com.inductiveautomation.factorypmi.designer.model.VisionDesignerImpl.startup(
	at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.IgnitionDesigner$LoadedModule.startup(
	at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.IgnitionDesigner.startupModule(
	at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.IgnitionDesigner.lambda$loadProject$7(
	at java.base/$ForEachOp$OfRef.accept(Unknown Source)
	at java.base/$2$1.accept(Unknown Source)
	at java.base/java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining(Unknown Source)
	at java.base/ Source)
	at java.base/ Source)
	at java.base/$ForEachOp.evaluateSequential(Unknown Source)
	at java.base/$ForEachOp$OfRef.evaluateSequential(Unknown Source)
	at java.base/ Source)
	at java.base/ Source)
	at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.IgnitionDesigner.loadProject(
	at com.inductiveautomation.ignition.designer.IgnitionDesigner$StartupProjectDialogHandler.lambda$new$2(
	at java.base/ Source)

What version of Ignition are you installing the module into?

We are running Ignition 8.1. I do not know the exact version off hand, and when I try to check on the Gateway it just says “Dev Version”.

Strange. There’s something goofy going on but I don’t know what it is from just this information. I wonder if maybe your module has a bunch of old Vision dependency JARs it’s dragging along with it. The line numbers in the stack trace you posted do not match up with 8.1.0 code.

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I think that was it. I went through and cleaned out my dependencies and it worked. Thank you.

Make sure that your built module (you can just unzip it) does not include any of the Ignition SDK dependencies.