Module Documentation Wraps HTML with additional HTML Tags

Hi All,

Am having an issue with bundled documentation where the index.html renders correctly in a browser when launched as a file.

When i add it into the doc folder, compile the module and launch it using the dropdown on ignition gateway page it shows as text. This is due to Ignition wrapping my HTML in additional HTML tags.

Has anyone seen this before?

What Ignition version are you using?
This was an unintentional regression caused by an upgrade to our webserver, and is supposed to be fixed in 8.1.20.

It's 8.1.7. Is there a workaround for now?

Not really. You could, instead of using our automatic documentation, publish your HTML to a dedicated route/servlet/whatever and add it to the config menu, but there's no way to fix the actual documentation link; the browser is wrapping it in the extra HTML content because Ignition isn't sending the response with the right content-type header.