Module/Driver Settings

Hello all,

I’ve recently started playing with a module that should be able to modify the settings of any device it finds running on the gateway.

This works well enough, when the device is provided by my own custom drivers… but with Ignition native device drivers (Modbus, Siemens, etc), I am unable to modify the PersistentRecord since I dont know the column names… i.e the names of the device settings properties.

Is there any way to get this information from the native drivers? Any suggestions are appreciated…

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could introspect the classes in those modules looking for subclasses of PersistentRecord, then enumerate those classes’ fields, looking for subclasses of SField. Good luck.

Thanks… painful, but works.

Huh, meant to answer this but it slipped away.

What Phil suggested is pretty much the only way. Not only do you not know the column names, the record implementations themselves are in another ClassLoader and you can’t access them from your module.