Module for Senting alarm pipeline messages to WhatsApp

I want to see my Alarms in WhatsApp.
Is there a module for sending the result of alarm pipelines to WhatsApp?

No, not currently, but if WhatsApp has an HTTP/REST API, it would be fairly easy to adapt the Slack Alarm Notification SDK example:

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In the ignition side, how would ignition use the SAN-SDK? I mean, how do you configure ignition to use it, then what does the SAN-SDK need to connect with a REST API?

Keep in mind that I’m an automation specialist, not a TI guy so all of this is a whole new world to me.

Hi, I’m trying to do exactly this, but I’m not able to get the users normal contact info.
I don’t want to use the slack information, but instead use the regular SMS contact field.

Do you have any pointers to how to go about that ?

I’m able to call a rest api with all the alarms, but I just can’t figure out how to get the SMS info from the users on the pipeline.

The Slack example uses a custom contact type. If you just want to use the built-in SMS number, use the built-in SMS contact type:

Thank you so much - that helped a lot.