Module Installation Failure logs

I’m attempting to write a module based on the SimpleTagProvider example in the SDK, and when I tried to install it I got the following message:

Error loading module “flexsorttagprovider.modl”
See log for details.

I don’t think that my module had any sort of chance to create a log of its own, and I was wondering where I can find information on why my module failed to install. I dug around in the System Console, but didn’t see any mention of my module in the Module manager section.

I forgot to mention, I am running Ignition in Developer mode.

There should be something in the Console > Logs area of the gateway. Maybe from ModuleManager or something like that. If you can’t find anything export your logs.bin.gz file and we’ll take a look and see. This kind of stuff is tricky, it’s usually just one easy to pass over line.

I tried grabbing the archived logs, and searched for any mention of my module. I can’t even find the work ‘flex’ which appears in the filename, package name, etc. I think I packed it oddly. I was trying to avoid using Eclipse, so I unpacked SimpleTagProvider, replaced the jar with my version, and changed the pertinent lines in the module.xml file. I must have done something problematic enough that it didn’t even try to load…I was just hoping that it would be something silly that I could easily fix.

I tried reinstalling the original SimpleTagProvider and had no problems. I noticed that a host of entries appeared at that time, but when I installed my version, not one new line appeared on the console page, even when I set ModuleManager and a few other logs to display “ALL”.

Issue corrected. It turns out that when I zipped my xml file and jar, I also zipped the folder that they were contained in. As such, the top level of the modl file was a folder. When I just added the files with no folder to an archive, my module installed properly.