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I have a few modules that I have made that I want to release to the community and on Github (paid and unpaid modules). Some of them are built using only standard Java libraries and the Ignition libraries provided by the SDK. From what I understand I can release these modules however I want (paid or unpaid, open source or nonopen source). However for some of my modules, I also include outside libraries such as some of the eclipse java modules (org.eclipse) and apache (org.apache). I remember reading elsewhere on the forums that if we do include these modules, we cannot sell/redistribute the module anywhere even if it is free/opensource. I dont quite think this is correct but could someone correct me if I am wrong please.

@pturmel you seem to be the most knowledgeable on this subject.

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It depends on the license each of those libraries use. You'll have to get into more detail about all of your dependencies.

Generally speaking, GPL, AGPL, and LGPL are not compatible with our signed module system unless you release the full source code.

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If any of your dependencies are LGPL or GPL or related licenses, I recommend you document how your users can install those from your distro (or hand-install). You generally can link/load things you haven’t distributed. But IANAL, etc.