Module licensing question

Hi all,
Just a question on modules. Recently purchased license for our gateway. but we have some modules running on a Trial License. looking into the definition of these…they seem too important to remove from the gateway. But I’m not sure.

Enterprise admin: enables you to control and monitor any number of Ignition Gateways from a central Gateway. The EAM takes advantage of the Gateway Network system to seamlessly deliver data between Gateways // For this, we are only using the one gateway on a master server and a redundancy server. to which we remotely connect through it via vpn.

OpcCom module // with this module, is it the only one enabling the connection via OPC UA?

Serial support client/ gateway - the definition is connection with devices connected via serial. // however we use connection through ethernet…would this module still apply in this case?

I would like to remove these as the system is to be handed over soon, but wouldnt want to do so incase it causes an issue

OPCCom = the old old old OPC-DA client. Horrible creature (OPC-DA that is). You don’t need this unless you’re wanting to (try to) talk to an old OPC-DA server. This module has nothing to do with
Ignition’s OPC-UA server. Think of it as a driver, like the Logix driver.

EAM - This is helpful if you have multiple gateways and want to synchronise project configuration between them, as otherwise this is not done automatically. You can keep this running in trial mode if you want, but it becomes more and more of a pain the longer it remains in trial mode, as you’ll constantly need to restart the trial mode in order to sync up your gateways.

Serial modules - I’ve never used these, but if you’re on ethernet, then you don’t need them.


Thank you Nick!
Well informed descriptions, i’ll be happy to remove these in that case