Module Marketplace

I was curious about individual components in the marketplace. I would like to add one single chart to my designer to be able to make some screens with different charts. I would like to have an i-mr chart without having to purchase the full SPC module which has Rockwell type licensing. I just need to use one type of chart. I don’t really need the full features of the complete SPC module. Something like this seems like it would be a much better opportunity to ‘sell’ components. A module can contain one component right? I really like the concept of the market place and I hope that it starts to get proliferated with ‘affordable’ add-ons that can increase the functionality of the package. I just watched, literally the entire webinar and I am still fresh with excitement. I hope to be able to add some useful components to complement my works package…
Thanks to IA for all the hard work and I also that hope some great java dev’s step up to the plate and start getting some more stuff in the store to achieve some of the goals mentioned in the webinar.

Yes, a module can contain a single component. Was that your question?

Out of the whole post that was the only question… :thumb_left:
The rest was probably just hopes and dreams lol