Module mongodb not found


I created a new module in the marketplace and I load it in the Ignition Gateway. This module is a module with a mongodb jar driver.
This is my module in ignition:
Name Version License Status
MongoDB Driver 2.9.1 (b0) Free Loaded
I created a script in the value changed of one tag:

from com.mongodb import Mongo from com.mongodb import BasicDBObject
But I have this error:

Value Changed Error executing script. Traceback (most recent call last): File "<tagevent:valueChanged>", line 16, in valueChanged ImportError: No module named mongodb ERROR

This error comes out ONLY in the value changed of one tag and in global/shared script.

I tried also in the shared script but I have the same error (I enclose a picture)

I tried to run the same script in the "Script playgroud"in the designer and it works without any problem.
I tried also to create one project script with the same code and call it in a Window with a button and it works.

It seems that the problem is only in the value changed of the tag and in the shared script.

Can you help me?


I am late to the party, but this is because of the different way the class loaders work, in the gateway and client/designer contexts. As you noticed, the class loader essentially will not allow access to each jar from different modules. You will need to expose each class as a script call to access it that way from the gateway,

I think this got solved in an email chain a while back.