Module mongodb not found


I created a new module in the marketplace and I load it in the Ignition Gateway. This module is a module with a mongodb jar driver.
This is my module in ignition:
Name Version License Status
MongoDB Driver 2.9.1 (b0) Free Loaded
I created a script in the value changed of one tag:

from com.mongodb import Mongo from com.mongodb import BasicDBObject
But I have this error:

Value Changed Error executing script. Traceback (most recent call last): File "<tagevent:valueChanged>", line 16, in valueChanged ImportError: No module named mongodb ERROR

This error comes out ONLY in the value changed of one tag and in global/shared script.

I tried also in the shared script but I have the same error (I enclose a picture)

I tried to run the same script in the "Script playgroud"in the designer and it works without any problem.
I tried also to create one project script with the same code and call it in a Window with a button and it works.

It seems that the problem is only in the value changed of the tag and in the shared script.

Can you help me?



You should post questions related to module development in the “Ignition Module Developers” section. If you are registered with us as a developer, you should see that section in the “Ignition” subforum.