Module only works on the computer is was developed on

I have created a serial module. It works fine on the computer I developed it on but when I move it to another gateway it does not. I can script everything and at least appear to configure a port but I can’t open it. I assume there is some dependency that is not being deployed with the module but I am not sure how to find exactly what is missing. One clue might be the errors in the gateway logs. I get this error 3 times, java.util.MissingResourceException: Can’t find bundle for base name com/[company name]/modules/AbstractScriptModule, locale en_US

I doubt the bundle error is responsible. Opening serial ports requires some low-level help from a serial I/O library. Starting aroung 8.0.4, IA has been packaging jSerialComm for gateway-wide usage. Prior to that, you have to package it yourself or tie into the older library from the Serial Support Module.

You’ll have to share more about your module and/or more logging to figure out what is going on.