Module run on 8.0 version but faulted on 8.1 version

Hello, we’re trying to develop a custom opc-ua device module. That module could be run successfully on Version 8.0. However, after I upgrade my Ignition to Version 8.1.2, this module is faulted.
The Ignition-platform-version in pom.xml file is upgraded to 8.1.2-SNAPSHOT. Not sure if I need to change anything else.
Any suggestions how could I fix this would be appreciated!
The log information is followed:

Does your module still compile after changing the SDK versions to 8.1.x?

If it does, when you unzip your module are the Ignition SDK dependencies from older versions in there for some reason? (There shouldn’t be any SDK dependencies in your built module file at all)

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your reply. Just figured out my module does not compile in the Eclipse after changing the version. Several classes cannot be resolved.

I got the error message like “The import org.eclipse.milo.opcua.sdk.server.api.ManagedAddressSpaceServices cannot be resolved”. Do we have any change in ManagedAddressSpaceServices class in version 8.1.2?

It doesn’t exist any more.

There were some changes, take a look at which has been updated for 8.1.

I see. Thank you for your help!