Module signing error - no RSA PrivateKey found for alias -------

While running the module-signing tool to self sign my module with the p7b file generated using KeyStore explorer tool, I get the error - “no RSA PrivateKey found for alias —” I don’t know how to fix it! I generated my module for Ignition v 7.9.

Alternatively how can I generate developer license key for Ingniton? The License key from earlier version doesn’t seem to work in v7.9! Atleast I can upload the unlicensed modules and continue with my testing.


It sounds like you got one of the steps wrong or are pointing to the wrong alias in your keystore. That messages means (I think) that you’re pointing to just a certificate entry, not a certificate + private key.

If you start ignition with the JVM flag -Dignition.allowunsignedmodules=true in the additional parameters section of ignition.conf you’ll be able to load modules that haven’t been signed yet.

Thanks a lot Kevin,

I am able to install my module unsigned in Ignition now. The unsigned.modl XML generated my maven was giving error while installing in Ignition. Basically the reason was that I generated an empty maven project using the ignition Archetype (G+D+C) and I needed only gateway model but the .modl generated had hooks for designer and common etc also which were missing. I deleted the other dependencies for all except the gateway-module in the build.pom and it worked fine.

However I am yet to look in to my module signer! I stopped looking into it for the time being as my unsigned module was working with Ignition and I am able to carry out testing of my modules. I will look in to module signer later.

Thanks a lot for patiently relying my questions.