Module Signing

Module Marketplace has become Module Showcase, and It seems I can no longer get developer license keys, or sign a module for internal use… have I missed something?


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Module signing has changed starting in 7.7.8, 7.8.3, and 7.9.0 to allow developers to sign their modules with their own certificate. You can use either a self-signed certificate or a code signing certificate from a CA of your choice. The difference is in what is presented to the end user during the module installation process.

The technical details you need to get stared with the new module signing can be found here: … le+Signing

As far as developer licenses go, you will need to get them through your sales rep. You shouldn’t need licenses so often that this becomes burdensome. Additionally, I think starting in 7.8.4, there’s now a flag you can pass to the JVM on startup that allows unsigned modules to be installed for development purposes, which is the primary reason people needed the developer licenses in the first place. Add an additional startup parameter to ignition.conf: -Dignition.allowunsignedmodules=true

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Thanks, Kevin.

Developer licences are really not a problem, and it sounds like the new module signing method may be more convenient. Of course, I’ve basically been hiding from the new internal db structure, avoiding changing over… that had to end sometime :slight_smile:

Hi, as kevin pointed out you can add the necessary additional startup parameter by adding the following line in
the ignition.CONF file: