Module versions for showcase

Hi Kevin,
I am planning to compile my modules for version 7.7.8 (LTS) and 7.8.3 (latest) for both 64 bit as well as 32 bit versions. I hope that wili cater to all users of Ignition. I hope I don’t need to compile for all Minor versions such as 7.7.1, .2, 3 … etc? Just one version 7.7 will suffice for all minor version of 7.7.?. Same thing for version 7.8.3 hope it will cater to all minro versions of 7.8.

Do I need to compile for both 32 bit as well 64 bit versions of Ignition or just 64 bit is enough?


Compiling modules for 7.7 and 7.8 should cover everybody. You don’t need to build modules against each minor version.

There’s no notion of compiling for 32- vs 64-bit with Java.

So… to summarize: 2 of each; one for 7.7, one for 7.8.

Ok great. I have two machines, one with windows 7 , 32 bit OS and one with windows 10 , 64 bit cpu & OS. I have installed 32 bit version of ignition 7.8.3 on one and a 64 bit version of Ignition 7.7.8 on the other and Installed my ECLIPSE IDE on both with my models on each of them. So when I compile and deploy my models on them , hope the .modl files created will be able to run on each other?
Best Reagrds