Modules ignition

I have not, today i glanced at the manual for it, not long enough to really grasp what its for.

Thank you so much

Another quick way to tell what modules are on the Gateway while in the Designer would be to click on “Help” and then “About Ignition Designer”. There will be a list of modules.

These will require the SQL Bridge module. EDIT: Not true; this would be needed for Transaction Groups. See posts below.

This is used to to manage multiple gateways from a single gateway. You would know if you've been using it. You can always add it on later.

This isn't true. I use them all the time, but never have purchsed the SQL Bridge module.

Interesting. I’d understood Tag Historian only gave the option of storing data via enabling tag history and retrieval via tag history bindings and SQL Bridge was needed if we want to store/retrieve data through queries (named or otherwise). We have both installed, so I wouldn’t know which was actually required for what we are doing. Are you storing and retrieving data via named queries without the SQL Bridge module? Or only retrieving data via named queries?

I thought the same thing at first, but you can use named queries, or scripted queries to read and write data without the SQL bridge or Historian modules.
Sql Bridge gives you access to Transaction Groups and Historian gives you well Historian, but you are free to write your own queries.


Double check if you have anything here because it's quite the specific module