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Hello, How can I know wich modules I am using in a project of Ignition?

In designer select Help > About Ignition Designer to see which modules you have, as to which you are actually using, browse through the project browser to see which ones are being used.

Where is the project browser ?, can you tell me please?

If you don’t see it you may need to select it

I found it, project browser is selected, then I just write on the filter that is in the first picture in the top?

There may be a more sophisticated way but personally i would just browse through to see what is in there. Just check what has been created like Vision windows, Perspective Views, Transaction Groups, Alarm Pipelines etc… Also its just a good thing to do if you have inherited a project and are not yet familiar.

I just have this, but I see that I have the perspective module but I am not using it

You would need to expand the others as well, but its not uncommon to have a project that doesn’t utilize all the modules you have licensed. The project i am working on now only uses perspective, but also has vision licensed.

Look the perspective , I don’t have anything there (that session events, styles and views, are empty), the other things after vision I use that.
I don’t have the license yet, that is why I am trying to find what modules I have before buying the license.

Ah got it. You can also see what is licensed and what is on trial from the gateway page from Status > Systems > Modules.

I see the modules that are in the trial version but about what modules I am using right now in my project, I just do what you told me? or how ? Because there are some modules that I am not using, but the others I am not sure.

It looks like you are using:
Web Dev

And not using:
Alarm Notification
Sequential Function Charts
SQL Bridge

You would need to check your tags to see if you are using Tag Historian, not sure about the ones i don’t use like symbol factory.

SQL bridge I don’t know if will need it , I am using a database mysql and I will use a PLC

I never use sql bridge, i find tag historian and executing my own queries to read/write much more useful.

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I use named querys, well I will see, thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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No prob and good luck!

The enterprise administrations, did you use it?

Unfortunately that’s one i don’t have any experience with. Since its about multiple gateways, i think you would find it in the gateway page, im not really sure though.

That is ok, thank you so much

Have you been using SFC module?