Modyfing a field in an active alarm, for example notes

This is working great

system.tag.editTag(tagPath="[myprovider]TestAlarm", alarmConfig={"Alarm":[["notes","Value","my new notes"]]})

but if the alarm is already active, i need to disable and reenable to have the new value for notes.

What are you using your notes field for? Configuration alarm fields are not meant to be edited dynamically to add details to an active alarm, as the active alarm will snapshot the current values of its fields and won’t look at them again for that instance of the alarm.

Perhaps you’re more looking for an acknowledgement note?

Finally, modifying an alarm dynamically retrigger the alarm as a new alarm.

Thanks for the answer but we went in a different direction.

No worries. What about your alarm journal/history? Won’t you now have two alarm entries for the one alarm, each with different notes?