Modyfing the acknowledge note of an active-acked alarm

Is it possible to modify/update the ackNote of an alarm? the system.alarm.acknowledge function does not seem to update the ackNote when invoked on an Active - Acked alarm (acknowledgment with an existing UUID and a modified note), however, an acknowledgment event will appear in the Alarm Journal with the initial ack-event data (timestamp and ackNote) each time the acknowledge function is invoked.

You run an update query on alarm_event_data table.

Update alarm_event_data
set strvalue = "new ack notes"
where id = 1234 and propname = "ackNotes"

Thanks for the reply! I did try your suggestion but it seems to update the note in the alarm Journal Table but not the Alarm Status one.

You’re correct, i mistakenly thought both the journal and status table used the same database tables. The alarms are probably exist in some internal resource, but that’s only a guess. Hopefully someone can clarify for us.