Momentary Button Enable Disable issue

I have found a strange issue with the momentary buttons enabled property.
If the Enabled property goes FALSE while the button is activated, it will continue to write to the PLC bit even though it is disabled.
To understand the issue
Create a value expression on the Enabled property that checks for a condition and then sets false.
Example: SomeTagValue>=90&&AccessPermitted
Then have the momentary button executing a script that sets SomeTagValue = SomeTagValue+1

If you are holding down the button when the value of the tag hits 90, the button will disable but keep writing to the tag.
I would think that the momentary button should STOP writing if its Enabled property goes FALSE?
Or am I missing something?
Ignition 7.9.5

Sounds like a bug to me. IMNSHO, momentary buttons aren’t all that reliable (cannot be) inside of TCP connections, which would include the client-gateway connection in Ignition.

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Can anyone at Inductive say if this is working as designed or a bug?