Momentary Button

Okay, this might sound dumb but I want to create a momentary button that changes color when an associated tag changes value. Basically I want to create a momentary button for “Auto Mode” that is light gray if the mode is not in auto and turns green after the button is pressed and auto mode is now active. I tried creating a 2 state toggle button at first but that keeps the control tag either 1 or 0 which I don’t want. Like I said, I want momentary. I tried momentary, but I can’t get the button to change color with the indicator tag value changing states. What am I doing wrong?

Disregard. I figured out what I could do to make what I want by using the style customizer feature.

Is there any way of getting rid of the border being painted around a momentary button with a raised bevel border? Button background is being set via the style customizer.


Hoping that this is not another Homer Simpson donut moment :blush:



This was a control set I had been working with - making changes and testing. I made a new set, and didn’t have this issue. Weird.