Momentary Button

Guys can you help please. Is there a method to achieve a confirm function on the Momentary Button?


hazey :scratch:

Considering that the whole point of a momentary button is to hold it down, how would this be compatible with a pop-up confirmation dialog box?

You start hold it down, and a popup pops up, so it stops being held down, and then you click ok, but now you’re no longer hold down on the button… I’m having a hard time envisioning how this would work.

Maybe you should create some sort of two-stage system. Maybe a checkbox that says "Enable ", and when this is selected, it popups up a confirm. If they hit “Yes”, then you enable the momentary button, and when they release the momentary button, you clear the checkbox and disable the button so they have to confirm again for next time?

Carl yes will use a checkbox to enable Momentary button. Just thought that the OneShot had a confirm function than it would not be hard to have that on the Momentary button.