Monitor Mounting array

Hello: We are getting ready to update our Data Center and going from just 2 (40" monitors) to 8 (40" monitors). I can’t seem to figure out the best way to mount. I would like to have a curve 2 row setup but can’t find any mounts that fit this setup.

What is everyone else doing ? Any suggestions?


I have a 2x2 array (24") and a 3x3 array (24").

Your issue is 40". You will not (easily, or cheaply) find a multi-arm mount for this size.

Despite the Octo name, good luck getting a large array for 40".

My 3x3 array is a 3x2 array with a custom bracket to add the top row.

First time alignment is a major pain.

Again, at 40" you’re looking for a Civil Engineer’s input.

I do have our Mechanical Engineering dept available to me but I’m trying not to involve them, I was looking for something already on the market.

Yes, I’m finding out that LARGE screens become an issue.

Still would love to hear other suggestions.

I would suggest you buy 8 of these:

Which will hopefully give you the degrees of freedom you require.

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Thanks, those may just do the trick! I appreciate the feedback.