Monitoring status from grandstream voip device

Has anyone found a way to alarm in ignition if the voip device lost connection? Or if the phone line went down? I am loking for a way to splash a message on a screen if the grandstream went down or that an alarm didnt call out.

Hello Dseckel,

Communication to VOIP devices are done through the UDP protocol which is "connectionless". Unless there's an explicit rejection, then the initial VOIP registration will be successful. This also means there are no future checks to see if the device is available. All that to say, there's no way to set an alarm on whether the device is available. Also, if an alarm fails to call out, I believe the only indication would potentially be in your system logs. One thing you could do is set up another notification block in your pipeline that would be used if the alarm hasn't been acknowledged after trying to notify all contacts via a voice notification.