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I have a client that wants to use a MAWi server to push Ignition Vision Windows and Perspective Views to monitors located through the facility. Does anyone have an experience with this ( I cannot see how this makes anything easier, more robust, or reduces cost, but I also have zero experience with the MAWi products.

What does this do? Does it simply mirror the monitor, effectively makin all of the workstations a single client, so that if one user changes the screen, all of the screens change?

I think the my client thinks it will simplify the network infrastructure required to have a marquee type application displayed on multiple monitors throughout their facility. Each marquee, however, will display different information.

IMO, this adds complexity for minimal-- if any-- gain.

Hi All
Just received an alert on this discussion so I decided to join in and share our short explanation about the product. In case you have any further questions I will be glad to expand further.

First, I'm not familiar with mcgheeiv requirements so I will talk about our product in general.

Our MAWi platform is a combined hardware + software solution that allows you to push content onto multiple screens and video walls in the same or different sites, and control that content from an easy-to-use browser-based dashboard. MAWi is an on-premise solution and the multiple screens can be connected either over the LAN, WAN or over the Internet

In a production line, the main advantage of our solution is that you don't have to maintain the endpoints as they are simple HDMI to LAN adapters that require no support or maintenance. Also, you can push any type of content on the screens.

We have a variety of customers in the production lines domain that are using it and the system became their main productivity tool to deliver information to the employees and much more...

justinedwards.jle It can either mirror the same screen or create groups that will show the same or different content types or dedicated content on each screen. It's very flexible!

JordanCClark The way it works makes the solution very simple and better than having a device that sits behind the screen that requires maintenance and support, and it has no limits on the types of content that it will play.

You are welcome to watch this pre-recorded webinar to hear more about us and see how MAWi Spacewall works.

I look forward to reading your responses! thanks :slight_smile:

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The webinar was impressive. It really makes want to create a video wall now with a bunch of angled and artistically placed monitors.

One question: this looks like it's transmitting video display only. How does a user on a remote monitor interface with the software. Is there a way to input remotely with keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen?

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How is performance when you have to run multile different heavyduty displays?
Seems like it would require a powerful "host" to be able to handle multiple parrellel screens

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Thank you for the comments, Justin!
Yes, we have this feature to allow the end user to collaborate with their mouse and keyboard and control the content that is played on the screens. It's all done within our web-based platform.

I was pondering this as well. Creating a video wall with multiple 4k displays from a PC would normally require multiple high end graphics cards, so I'm assuming the hardware depicted in the webinar in some way expands a computer's video processing ability. I'm curious how this works.

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That is correct Victor.
If the content is more dynamic, like 4K videos for example, we do recommend a host PC with powerful specs. We have a full hardware specs guide.

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We are utilizing the GPU of a single video card to create a video wall as shown in the webinar. The overall resolution was 5120x2880.

The content is sent compressed over the network to the endpoint devices, where it's decompressed and output is done over the HDMI port to the displays.
The streaming and synchronizing are done by the driver that we use.

The PC's specs we used in the webinar are:
Intel Core i7
24 ports @ 1Gb network switch