Monthview Selected Day issue

I’m using Ignition (8.0.5 (b2019101516)) Month View component to show plant events to the operator and also let him select a day. My page has a Tab Control to switch the visibility of the components in the page: the operator can switch from the Month View to a Week View and finally to a Day View. I’m experiencing the following issue:

  • when the page opens with the Month View visibile, selecting a day runs always good.
  • Suppose I switch to the Week View or Day View and then back to the Month View: from now on clicking on a day to select it sometimes fails, i.e. the Selected Day property is an empty string, while the Hovered Day property is still correct. As I can see, the first click fails, while the second click sets the property to the right value.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance, regards