Montly Report with one-page Timeseries Chart per day

Hey folks,

I’m working with a client who needs to submit monthly compliance reports and they’d like to use a time series chart for a quick view. However, the quantity / resolution of the data would be best spread across several pages or Timeseries charts. Ideally, they will select a time range and for each day selected there will be an additional page with Timeseries chart.

Is there any quick and easy way to make this happen? It seems like a Timeseries chart by default is constrained to a single page (compared to a table that can be spread across several pages via grouping). I can create a static 31 page report to catch any month, but I have to believe there’s a better way to go about this.

Many thanks in advance.

You might be able to use a table for this. You can put components in unstructured rows. You’d have to break the data into day-size sub-keys within one data key. I’m almost certain you could do this in a script, but child queries would be easier if they work (I’m not that familiar with child queries).

The top key gets applied to the table. Sub-keys, I think, get applied to each row, which you can consume in your time-series chart. I haven’t actually tested that this works, so it’s possible that I’m wrong about everything, but this is what jumps to mind as a possible solution.

Something new to read up on; thank you for the idea!
I’ll see if its feasible and give it a shot.


Any luck with this?

It would look something like this example. Your parent query could return your daily bounds. Your child query would get the actual data.