More detail on Expression Tag error message?

I have an expression tag using runScript to call a library function, but there’s an error being produced. The tag quality, however, doesn’t give me anything to diagnose it which I was expecting to see :thinking:

This is the quality:

Error executing script for runScript() expression:shared.alarms.getAlarmSummaryArea(filterPath='Wynns/Winery/')['ActiveUnacked']

I looked in the wrapper log and there’s nothing in there either so I’m assuming it’s hidden away in a logger somewhere. Anyone know the logger?
In the meantime, I’ll add some more error handling into my code :slight_smile:

God damn… I don’t even want to say what the issue was :confused: wrong project - not the global script library. I’m only new, be kind

I think they should have optional “project name” in expression, instead of configuring a “default project”. In order to add a tag script, I need to open another project.