More example projects - sample project gallery

The skeleton projects on the website are great! allows a designer to get started very easily.

However, for building the content of the windows… it obviously takes experience and a bit of a knack to create great SCADA windows. However, it would be great to have more example projects, or even a gallery of screenshots of nice projects, to draw inspiration from.

I’m sure there are 1000s of great-looking projects out there that would make a great gallery of screenshots, with permission from the authors.


We actually do have a thread with pictures of projects that other developers have posted. I’ll be the first to admit it might need a little fresh blood.

This is actually a sticky on another part of the forum.


Some of the links to pictures are broken, and unfortunately there hasn’t been a whole lot of contribution. But, nonetheless, there are some screen shots. Also, I have used google to search for screens for inspiration on my own projects. Currently we are working on a new demo project that you will be able to download and take apart so you can see how it works.

Thanks, I did see that thread, and got some ideas out of it. But it is old and some links don’t work.

I was aiming this more as a request towards Inductive than community members. I’m sure you guys must’ve put together 1000s of projects for customers, or for demos, that you could quickly generate a gallery from.

I also think it would look great on your website. Since you are selling a tool to create visual projects, it gives customers an idea of what they can do.

E.g. something like this