More flexible multi instance wizard

So I was drooling when I found the multi-instance wizard for the data types… but I was a little disappointed. I really like the idea, as I can’t tell you how many different Excel sheets I have come up with for doing just this, but the tags I’m using don’t have the iterator at the end. For example:


I would love to see something with iterators… maybe you create a name with a sort of C syntax:


and then give the iterations, 7-9. You could even do multiple iterators…

P_110_%d_9%s (7-9,a-b)

would expand to


or something like that. I could do all my tags in about half a second that way.

Props on the idea, though. I never would have even thought about that, and it is an awesome feature.

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Thanks for the feedback. It has turned out to be remarkably useful, but we did intentionally keep it simple for the first release. Considering that, I’m surprised more people haven’t asked for enhancements. I’ll make a ticket for this, though I can’t say exactly when it will get worked on.



Me too

Is there any development on this?

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+1 - I also need to iterate within tag names, not only at the end (Tank1Motor1, Tank2Motor1)

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I would also like to see this as a feature. I’m a little bummed there isn’t an update on this yet.

I’d also love to see a similar system for the parameters. I’m trying to do something with parameters of the form:


But, I can’t seem to find a good way to get the prefix and the number iterating. Luckily, I only have a few to do.