More overlay problem

I have created my own control.
It is a container with a two labels. The container has 4 dynamic properties to hold a tag name, value, format and alert status.

The first label displays the tags tootip.

The second label displays the formatted value (in red if in alarm). It also displays any overlay. This is done by binding the label status to the tag status.

Other then the tag name which is entered via plain text, all bindings are indirect with the path coming from dynamic properties on the root container.

The problem is the overlay does not always show up when the window is opened. There seems to be a race condition when the window is opened that allows the components to be drawn before all values are derived/calculated.

Can you explain these bindings in more detail? Specifically: “label status to the tag status”

Sorry, I mean the tag Quality is bound to the label Data Quality.

I have attached the serialized component.
Tag label.txt (31 KB)

If you’re directly binding to the data quality of the label, you need to make sure and check “Overlay Opt-out” on all of your other bindings on that label to avoid the race condition.

That made things work much better. Tell Travis to add that to the course.