Most cheapest / easiest Hardware to get simple sensor data to ignition

Whats the most convenient cheap way to get sensor data to Ignition ?

Thinking about getting machine running data from production machines that are not yet upgraded to be connected to Ignition.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

Well if you want industrial grade stuff I would suggest:

EZ automation -


Click PLC -

outside of industrial grade I guess a Raspberry Pi would be the cheapest solution. But you would have to deal with configuration and setup and be comfortable with Linux.

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It might be difficult to combine convenient and cheap. Usually convenience comes at a cost. Take a gander at this:

Looks convenient… cost is subjective.


I was thinking something like moxa ioLogik E1200 , those start at very reasonable prices (175 usd) Does anyone have tried to use those with Ignition?

Problem in this scenario with price is that if its a lot I should put those to the real plc the production line is going to have in the end anyway.

It’s cheapest solution out there. It support modbus tcp.

I think it also depends what information you want to retrieve. Is it analogue signals, digital signals, info from a PLC, HMI or something else? There is a piece of equipment for everything so depends on what you want it to do.

Moxa IoLogik series are cheap, can come in as ModbusTCP or to a data concentrator PLC with E/IP or using Phil Turmel’s E/IP Ignition driver.

I really think the AD Click is going to be hard to beat in this category. Also gives you some flexibility if you want to debounce the inputs, etc.

The Delta DVP-SE looks interesting, but I didn’t see any pricing information. I’m not enthusiastic about submitting a request for quote, considering the spam that will certainly follow. The pricing of Automation Direct stuff is right there in public, and tough to beat.

Yes you can’t find any thing cheap like that and also it has very bad software.

I have had good luck with the stride field io from automation direct. For temporary sensor packages I like to use a pi with node red and widgetlords boards.