Motor Amps from Device Net to Rockwell SLC500 to Ignition

I would like to pull the voltage and amps from Device Net to SLC500 outputs and be able to bring in the OPC tags to show historical trends and be able to develop thresholds to warn or see fault history.

I am setting up a predictive graphical display for motors, In our Ignition Software, to assist with predictive maintenance.

I just took the Core class but all training was in 8.1, our plant is using 7.9. I see how to get the VFD outputs from Rockwell Studio 5000. Not sure how to do the same from SLC500 and DeviceNet.
Next call is to Rockwell Support.
Thanks All,

You’ll have to use Rockwell’s RSNetworx for DeviceNet tool to configure the DeviceNet scanner in the SLC to use the VFD and present its data in the SLC’s I/O table. (And it will take its command/references from the SLC.) Then you can access that I/O data from Ignition with the appropriate driver.

The SLC’s DeviceNet scanner is only a scanner though–it must be the master for the target device. If something else is the master, and you want to do messaging, you’ll need a Logix processor instead. The DeviceNet cards for Logix and CompactLogix are bridges, not just scanners.