Motor Pop up window addressing by passing DB no

Hello All,

I am creating a pop-up window for motor, I have 200 motors, all motors have the same functioning, I am creating a single pop window for all motors. I am using siemens plc for programming.

I have different -2 DB no for different-2 motors, I want to pass DB no on motor pop windows by clicking on block icon on the main screen for common addressing for motors,

my question is that how can I pass DB no on a motor pop window for addressing of different -2 motors.

Sandeep Bakoliya

Create an integer custom property, MotorNum perhaps, then use the parameters option of system.nav.openWindow(). Use that root container property with indirect tag binding within your popup. The button script to open a particular motor, #25 perhaps, would look like this:

system.nav.openWindow('myPopupName', {'MotorNum': 25})