Motor status to populate on a turbular format

I am new to Ignition. I am in development for a new project. This will eventually deploy to all new sites.
Here is the scenario:
I want to populate motors status on a table format.
Example table layout:

  • Column 1-5 (Motor number, Motor status, Motor speed, Motor temperature, Motor current (A))
    I have total of N number motors. It could be 70 or 100 or 150 motors. Depends on the site/plant layout. Base on the setup, the table will have N rows. like, if I have 100 motors specified, the table will have 100 rows. This will give the operator a quick high level summary on the motor status. If operator double clicked on row 3, then a popup window will display Motor 3 additional detail status/information on the Motor 3, like alarms, motor specs and trend…etc.
    Any idea where I can get a jump start and put this together? Power table and example codes…etc
    Much appreciated.

I would take a look at the following links. You should be able to configure something similar, but instead of using the button’s actionPerformed event, use the tables, on Double Click Extension.

window = system.nav.openWindow('DataViewer', {'test' : 'test', 'test2' : ''})

Thanks grietveld for your quick respond.
My issues is on the first part. Populate N number motor status on the table format. I’ve been looking at the power table but just can’t find a way where to begin. looking for some quick examples if any.

How are the motors setup? UDTs? Separate Tags? Probably could build a loop and build a dataset using the tag values.

Motors are setup UDTs. Motor1 to Motor"N".