Motor UDT using Interlocks and Faults

I am attempting to create a template project that my coworkers can use in the future to increase the speed we create ignition projects in. We exclusively work with Allen-Bradley PLCs and we usually use this as our format for bits in Logix.

My current issue is that I made a Motor UDT that references the majority of these inside of ignition and I am currently working on trying to get the interlocks and faults to work.

We usually have 10 interlocks and faults available to reference but that does not mean we use them for each motor or fan.

With my current setup if I drag the F1A Fan tag onto one of these templates I only get the information for Interlocks_0_ but if I attempt to use one of the Interlocks folders it does not work as it doesn't refer to itself as a Motor type bit which I use as the Drop Target.

What's the proper way to go about this? I've attempted making an Interlocks UDT but it gets messy and I've struggled with making it so it adjusts the information properly based on the Interlocks number.

I've done something similar for a device popup where there is an "interlocks" tab, which shows all "created" interlocks, as well as which are active.
To achieve this, i used a template repeater, which you provide the tag path to the main "interlocks folder" and then an index number 0-10 that you can combine in the template itself to create a full path.
Which ends up looking something like this:

I would definitely recommend making proper UDTs for objects like Drives etc... so that it maps nicely from PLC tag structure to Ignition popup.
But that is probably another topic :slight_smile: