Mounted Paths for WebDev

Hi all,

Just wanted to take a moment to pass along some information in hopes it helps someone else running into any issues trying to use the Mount Path option of WebDev. Our database team is currently creating an MES solution in Perspective and one of our hurdles was to serve PDFs to an operator that shows the workstation process for that step of the assembly line. Following the documentation of how to add a File Resource to WebDev to be used in PDF Viewer worked properly but as we have thousands of already created PDFs and we are constantly creating more every day for REV changes, that option just is not practical for our use case. We followed the documentation on Mapping Network Drives via editing the Conf file which did in fact map the requested drives, but when adding the drives within Perspective via Mounted Path, we could not fetch any PDFs. Also, from a security perspective I was not a fan of having credentials sitting in clear text on a server.

What ended up working for us is we created a service account in AD with a non-expiring password and added it to the Ignition Gateway Service on the server in place of having said server log on as a local system account. Then we granted the service account read only access to the PDF network shares on our other fileserver. Once this was all set up, we went back into Perspective and added a Mounted Path using the full UNC path of the network share (\servername.domain\network share\folder). Once we had all of this set up we are able to access all of our PDF files with no issues.

Like I said, just wanted to pass this along to anyone else having issues with Mounted Paths for WebDev as I was not able to locate any posts using this method and it seemed like either people had success with the mapped network drives documentation or found an alternative method that worked for them.