Mouse Click Penetrates Label

Hello, I’m using ignition 7.3.8, vision 5.3.6 and noticed that when I place label on top of other object, mouse entered and clicked event apparently are passed to the object beneath, while numerical label still is impenetrable, also when I add a mouseover text to the simple lable, it becomes opaque to clicks either. How can i controll this behavior, and make objects translucent to mouse clicks when I want to?

Generally display-type components will be translucent to clicks unless you either put code in a mouse event or set their Mouseover Text property. As an aside, you can consume the click without taking any action by putting event.consume in the component’s mouseClicked event.

Strangely, once you set the Mouseover Text property the component will always consume mouse clicks, even if you then remove the mouseover text. This might be a bug.

The mouseover text property blocking mouse events issue is a confirmed bug, there is no concrete timetable on a fix however. However, as a workaround, you can copy the component’s xml by highlighting the component and hitting Ctrl-C (or Copy), paste the xml into a text editor, remove the line that contains “setTooltipText”, should look like this:

<c-c m="setToolTipText" s="1;str"><str></str></c-c>

After deleting that line, copy all the xml code, and then paste somewhere on a designer window to bring the component back. NOTE: be careful when editing the xml, deleting the wrong thing can cause issues.