Mouse clicks do not click on the correct cursor position

I’ve noticed in Ignition 8 designers, when I mouse click on a script the cursor will show up a few characters down (usually 1 - 3 positions off). Sometimes the cursor will appear in the middle of a character. Has anyone else noticed this? It’s very buggy and frustrating when trying to edit scripts or highlight sections. This does not happen when I open the designer for the 7.9 servers.

Something odd is happening and you might want to contact support. I haven’t seen this issue personally and haven’t heard about it from others.

This also happens to me, but only if I stretch the editors past their default width, which is always. It’s not been a big deal for me, I tend to use the keyboard more often than not, just wanted to demonstrate that its not an isolated issue.

Thanks, that’s good info!

Interesting! It happens to me on the default window size as well. It gets worse when I click on a location further to the right of the window though. Most times it will click correctly if I click a few characters into a line, but not further down that line. I’ll give support a call and will update.

This is probably related to the new fonts and the old code editors; there’s a few threads on the forum reporting the same basic problem.

The good news is that we’re planning to replace the old code editors at some point, the bad news is I can’t give a timeline.


Darn! I was hoping that would be in 8.1. ):

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Well, 8.1 is LTS, so we’d have 5 years to get it in. :wink:

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