Mouse cursor control on embedded view

Using Perspective, I have a small view “status line” that I am embedding in another view via a flex repeater. I’ll call this the “test” page. The “status line” view consists of a couple dynamic labels. I want to have the user click on the embedded view and that will then trigger a script to update a “test” page property. The intent will be to call up another view on the “test” page with details of the “status line” object that was clicked.

I have several questions, but for this the topic is mouse cursor control. I want to keep the cursor as the normal arrow, but when it passes over the labels in “status line” it changes to the “i-beam” cursor used for text entry.

Is there a way to control what the cursor does? I haven’t found it yet. I’d like to set appropriate properties on the “status line” view.

you can change what the cursor looks when hovering a component with style
for normal its cursor: default
for i-beam its cursor: text

more style can be found here.

Note: that the cursor images maybe change depending on OS/browser

Thanks, that is just what I needed. Not sure how I missed that, but isn’t the first time.

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i dont think this property is in the perspective style picker^^ so you would need to know some css to know this

Actually it’s at the bottom of the perspective style thing :slight_smile:

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Oh, i never really used that, as its faster to just type for me. i know most of the css things xd