Mouse cursor through transparent templates


I have some templates that have some objects in them, but also have a lot of empty (transparent) space. I have then taken those templates and layered them into a bigger template. I noticed something strange and I am wondering if I am making some simple mistake. Even though I can get the alt text of some objects that are in the bottom layers, the cursor will not change if blocked by any part of any template (even if it transparent space). Is there some setting that will allow the mouse cursor to work through those templates?

A simple test is to put a square shape on the page. Give it some mouseover text and a cursor (I went with “Hello world!” and “Crosshair”). Then put an empty template over it. You can still see the mouseover text, but the cursor will not change. Please advise.

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Bump. I have some templates that indicate alarm conditions that are only visible when an alarm is active. These are placed over top of other templates and components. The objects underneath this alarm template have a hand cursor configured so that it is clear that the objects can be clicked on. The alarm template being on top of everything else, even with most of the template being transparent or the objects in the template being hidden most of the time, prevents the cursor from changing for the objects underneath it.

IIUC, components in Java Swing will only drop out of the event hierarchy if they are not visible. Transparent is not sufficient. That means the template holder itself, not just the objects within the template.