Mouse Down/Up and Touch Start/End Possible Bug or timing issue

I have created a momentary push-button using mouse down/mouse up and touch start/touch end events and this works fine, but there seems to be an issue with the mouse and touch events. If I press the button for say longer than 500ms it works fine, but if you tap it quickly it registers the start touch or mouse down trigger but not mouse up or touch end and then the tag stays triggered even though you are no longer holding the mouse button down or touching the screen. I assume there must be a way to adjust touch times or is this a possible bug? This would be very bad if someone was to start something and the bit stays true and can’t be shut down via stop push button etc

I’m not sure about the short touch issue, but thought I’d mention PLC programming should really prevent this regardless of what the HMI does. If it’s a safety issue, don’t rely on the HMI without verifying it’s reliable in case of communications failure (in most cases, the answer is no). There are other threads addressing this in detail.

Yes you are correct, I normally use one shot/rising trigger etc on PLC and will set bit back to 0 from PLC once received is my normal practice, I just thought it was weird behavior and was going to put these components on the exchange and don’t want someone to get caught out because of the weird behavior or If they are used on memory tags within ignition itself to do something etc I tried to put while loop with counter on mouse down as a timeout and then set it back to false and break the loop, but was causing more weird stuff to happen, unless you have any ideas to try as a fail safe to reset the tag bit back to 0

That makes sense. It does seem like weird behavior. I don’t have any great workaround ideas at the moment.

Any update on this issue? I am using 8.1.4 and I am still seeing this issue.